Monday, 25 October 2010

Another Award

It’s a long time since I received an award for my blog so I’m thrilled to have this one passed to me by Mel of Home Sweet Home.  She told me just before we went on our week’s holiday at the beginning of the month, so I need to apologise for taking so long to acknowledge it publicly.

 Now I need to fulfil the responsibilities that come with it.  First I have to report 7 Random Things About Me, so here goes:

1. I have two blogs.  This one and another at Writelink.

2. I am a senior blogger, but I’m not going to tell you how senior.

3. I am only semi-retired from my business, which was called Winning Communications, because as soon as I decided to retire, an old client came back to me.

4. Nowadays I like to call myself a freelance writer and write whatever I want, but I also have some sub-contract work.

5. Last year I had a dream come true when I moved to a new house at the seaside.

6. I live with my husband, a retired taxi driver, and currently with my son who is in his 40s but needed somewhere to park when a relationship went badly wrong.

7. We used to have a dog and a cat, but they have both gone to the great animal home in the sky.  Now we just like to look after pets for our friends and had a doggie house guest last weekend along with my seven year old granddaughter.

Finally I need to pass this award on to some of my versatile blogger friends.  This time I’ve selected:

There are some I know that have already received it, and many more who deserve it as well, including some that have given up accepting awards, and I thought I’d just mention the first seven that otherwise came to mind.  Please don’t be upset if I have left you out this time; I truly appreciate each and every one of  you.  On the other hand, if you’ve been named and don’t have the time or energy to respond, that’s all right too.  I don’t want to add to anyone’s pressures.  Just writing a blog and driving in traffic is hard enough sometimes.


EastCoastLife said...

Thanks for the award. I appreciate the mention.

I too live by the seaside, but in the eastern part of the world. :P

VanillaSeven said...

Congrats for your award :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jean. Thanks for the award. I'll post my winners soon.

jakill said...

ECL - I lived near Changi for a couple of years a while back. I understand Singapore is a veryu different plac now, but I remmeber soem great beaches, some on offshore islands as well.

jakill said...

Thanks VS. It's always great to get an award and know that someone appreciates your blog.

jakill said...

Hi John. Thanks for your visit and comment. I do hope you are well again, or at least coping better.

Pblacksaw said...

Jean~ thank you so much for the award.. I have finally posted my winners.. Have a great day!

jakill said...

That's good, Patsy. We're laying carpets today & I'll be glad when it's over. Hope yours is good.

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