Saturday, 6 November 2010

Are Your Children Happy and Joyful?

We all want our children to have sunny dispositions and find the joy in life. That’s not only great for them, it means our lives will be happier too. It’s such a relief to believe that your offspring can take life’s knock-downs and be able to bounce back up and move ahead. When this doesn’t happen, you’ll go on and on feeling their weight on your shoulders.

Parents therefore need to give their children a joyful grounding in their formative years. First of all that means setting a happy example. It doesn’t mean shielding them from all the unpleasant things that happen. It means demonstrating that you have the strength to deal with them, to put them in their box to be taken out at the right time, and carry on enjoying the rest of your life. It means visibly counting your blessings, whatever is going on.

Sometimes the unpleasant things can be the children themselves. You may have a child that is prone to grumpiness. Don’t let it get to you. If you react in a similar way, you are starting a vicious circle, in which the grumpiness will grow and develop, and joyfulness will fly out of the window. You need to keep happiness inside the home. Just keep smiling and try to distract your child with a reward for overcoming the grumpy mood. 


Profiling Your Dating said...

yes, the children must be in happiness in his life..especially in a teenagers, we as parents must be protected with our children from negative thing like free sex, etc.

jakill said...

Many thanks for your visit and ypur comment, PYD.

Fantasy Writer said...

Creating happiness in others (children or adults) is difficult at best, but I feel that it starts with being as kind and happy as possible for yourself.

jakill said...

That will certainly help, Fantasy Writer. Thanks fopr commenting.

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