Friday, 12 November 2010

Entrecard Dropping

I'm going to have to change my EC dropping tactics.  These days I combine it with adgitizing and go through my inbox for the day before.  Recently I've been a bit more selective within my inbox.  There are so many irritating or downright uninteresting blogs to drop on.

I know people have different reasons for opening a blog and are free to post what they like provided it's not plagiarised, but I don't see why I should be forced to open ones that get me so aerated. Usually it's because they have clearly purchased and posted 1 dollar automated articles that hardly make sense and rarely follow the theme of the blog's title. 

I have considered leaving EC altogether as quite a few have already.  I believe I get lots of traffic from adgitize anyway.  But there some EC friends I don't want to lose touch with, so I'll continue with it for now.

Perhaps it's time to update my favourites and do my dropping from there.


sheila said...

I think about leaving ec a couple times a month, but, I like the traffic it brings to my blogs. I start out dropping while I get my 50 adgitize clicks and then I go to CMF and do the spikes and click on those that have EC and THEN I drop on the using the toolbar until I get to 300. I don't even use my inbox anymore because it is so overrun with crap and nonsense.

jakill said...

Right Sheila. We are like minded then. I wonder if those ridiculous blogs will eventually give up on EC.

Vera said...

I think you're right, setting up our favorites may be a good way to avoid niche blogs that tend to be not too interesting. I get them in my Inbox a lot too. Unfortunately, they might also be the ones who make it to my Top Droppers at the end of this month :(

For me, I start Adgitizing first, and drop on ECs while doing that. Then I head to my inbox when I still have time for it.

William K Wallace said...

Recently I have noticed a huge increase in crap blogs that are dropping on me, at least 65% are a bad joke!

I wish there was a some way to ban those blogs from being allowed to drop on me!

ChefL96 said...

I left EC over a year ago and just came back, but I know what you mean. I've run into several blogs not worth a second look and they have pop ups to boot. I found you via adgitize by the way. Greetings from Ancient Digger.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I left EC, Adgitize and everything else like that a while ago. It wasn't worth the time I was spending dropping and for the same reasons as you have stated. So, what I did, which took a little time, was to go through all the blogs that interested me on EC and Adgitize and follow the ones I liked. Now I don't need EC, Adgitize etc... and I just visit and follow my favorite blogs.

Lidian said...

I just use the toolbar to drop on my favorites, and that works fine :)

Josep said...

I visit between 10 and 15 blogs through EC, just the ones I like. If they quit, then I'll quit!

FishHawk said...

I have also become very disillusioned with the Entrecard experience. You might find what I just posted about the service rather interesting.

jakill said...

Vera - that's what I intend to do. But I am nervous about being able to capture every one that I want. In the past my inbox has been a way to make sure noone got missed.

WKW - that is the problem, indeed.

Hi Ancient Digger - I have visited you from adgitize too.

Jo - I'd say you could afford to do that, Jo, because you have such a faithful following.

Lidian - I've come back to Firefox from Chrome, so I can do that too.

Josep - please don't quit without warning me so I can make sure you're on some kind of list of mine.

Fishhawk - thanks. I've left you a comment.

dickster1961 said...

I usually don't do much with EC. I usually go to the Adgitize blogs and if they happen to have an EC widget, then I will drop on it

NeoBluePanther said...

I actually stopped using Entrecard for a while, but then I started again. I guess old habits die hard. But you are right about there being a lot of spam sites on EC. Hopefully someone will do something about them real soon.

I have never used adgitize, but going by your post and the comments it seems like an option worth exploring. :-)

jakill said...

dickster - That's a good idea. It's what I do if I am short of time.

NBP - I do recommend adgitize and know plenty of bloggers who agree with me.

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