Friday, 6 January 2012

Problems Solved

It’s been a strange few weeks. I’ve had so many problems with my equipment here that in the end I’ve had to fork out for something new. So I’m now the proud owner of a Compaq laptop and my PC has gone to the computer heaven in the sky. I can just imagine a heap of them idling away in peaceful rest together with a warm sun shining and a cool breeze fanning them to the most comfortable temperature.
I had some help with the transfer and think I’ve kept everything I need from the hard drive. Hope so anyway, but my techie genius said he will keep the hard drive for a couple of months just in case, before it gets bashed to a pulp and sent to the scrap metal merchant. (Not such a nice mind picture on that one).

There is still plenty to do, like downloading Firefox, Picasa and sorting out my online backup again. Also I can’t print anything until I either find my drivers CD or download some drivers to get the printer working again. I lost so much time over all this that I’m not sure where to start catching up. The housekeeping has gone to pot, but I’m a hopping, happy bunny with my new system up and running.


Bob Scotney said...

Is it a coincident that I have put up a post about rabbits today after having got in a 'tiz' because my email is defunct.
Like the rabbit, Jean. Hope you said 'White Rabbits' on Jan 1. Happy New Year,

jakill said...

Cheers Bob. You certainly found a lot of rabbit facts. Hope the email problem is sorted.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

I HATE new computers. It takes so long to get everything set up.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jean. I wish you good luck and many publication/sales successes with your new system. I need a new computer myself, but at the moment that's the least of my concerns. I have just, yesterday, suffered the loss of my big ginger cat.
Best wishes, John

jakill said...

Joan - thanks for your visit and comment. you're right. I still can't get my printer to cooperate, and haven't got my online backup sorted out.

jakill said...


Really sorry to hear about your cat, and now another sad loss, I see.

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