Friday, 20 January 2012

Trevor Belshaw's Books

I've just bought my copy of Tracy's Hotmail.  I've read snippets of it before and know it's good for a laugh. These grey days we need something to cheer us up. 

I've been meaning to buy it for ages as it's by Trevor Belshaw, one of the authors I met at Writelink, and a brilliant writer to boot. Today is a good day top buy it though, because it was recently snapped up by the Crooked Cat publishing company, and the book launch is today. You can read Trevor's hilarious take on that in his blog, and judge his writing ability from that. I bet you'll want to read his book.

If you're quick, you could win a copy from the publishers, who are holding a competition. Get an entry in before midnight UK time and you could be one of three lucky winners. Go to the Crooked Cat site for the details.

Incidentally, Trevor also writes children's books under the nom de plume, Trevor Forest. I recently got three signed copies for my grandaughter and I'm going to visit her next week, so she'll get them then. I read them all to make sure they'd be right for her, and I'm sure she's going to love them. No doubt you'll read more about them here when I get her reactions.


Jenny Woolf said...

ooh looks fun. I will go to the site.

Jenny Woolf said...

I've been to the site but didn't enter the contest - funny things never happened to me in the days I worked in an office. I mean, an office that wasn't in my own house ! :)

Trevor said...

Many thanks Jean. What a lovely blog. Really appreciate it.

jakill said...

Better late than never, I guess, to thank the three of you for your visits and comments.

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