Monday, 4 June 2012

Haiku Holiday Memory Jerker

Yesterday on the TV I watched the Queen’s progress  in the Royal Barge at the centre of the River Thames pageant to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of her reign. It was very emotive to watch the patriotic display of boats of all shapes and sizes and the millions of spectators waving their flags and cheering them on.  It made me wish I could have been there.

But the swirling Thames also reminded of another  river – The Nile –  and our fabulous holiday on its banks three years ago. My haiku holiday diary first appeared at Marc Latham’s Folding MirrorPoetry website.

Wed 18 Mar
Luxor is hot and
so noisy. Why did we choose
to holiday here?
Thur 19 Mar
We walk out from the
oasis of our hotel,
swim above the Nile.

Fri 20 Mar
Early start for the
West Bank – those temples and tombs.
Wonderful Luxor.
Sat 21 Mar
We visit Luxor’s
soaring city temple and
the sphinx avenue.
Sun 22 Mar
On George’s birthday
cruise to Dendora, I buy
Egyptian textiles.
Mon 23 Mar
Restaurant haven
means we can eat away from
the sudden sandstorm.
Tues 24 Mar
Karnak is biggest
of all the temples, and where
pharoah gods once ruled.
Wed 25 Mar
White birds sitting on
the Nile float upstream till the
flock lifts to fly back.
Thur 26 Mar
Meet Egyptian kids
at Medinat Habu – most
colourful temple.
Fri 27 Mar
Tiny, little birds,
yellow breast and  black on top,
turquoise shoulder flash.
Sat 28 Mar
Cruise ships manoeuvre
awkwardly across the Nile.
One goes on its way.
Sun 29 Mar
Tented enclosure
is where we eat Egyptian
food beside the Nile.
Mon 30 Mar
Riding on camels
alongside the river, through
wheat and sugar cane.
Tues 31 Mar
Have a final dip
in the hotel’s swimming pool
Tomorrow we leave.
Wed 1 Apr
We fly through the night.
Pinpoint lights below seem like
stars all up-side-down.


John Buchanan said...

What a lovely way to remember your holiday.

Paola said...

I remember your haiku diaries from Writelink, Jean. So descriptive in so few words...

jakill said...

John - it is indeed. And a good way to remember any special day in the year.

jakill said...

Thank you Paola. Do you ever visit there these days?

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