Thursday, 21 June 2012

My Helium Articles

When Helium declared it wanted exclusive rights to articles, I stopped submitting there. Previously I posted pieces that I had already sold for non-exclusive rights so they could earn a little more for me. I have a small portfolio of 49 articles still there and earning from revenue share provided I keep rating other people's articles. I currently have a little over $20 in my account which I am determined I'm not going to let them keep. So I have to get it up to the payment threshold of £25. If I stop rating I stop earning, so I still have to spend time at Helium out of my busy days.

So, my blogger friends, this is a plea for help. I seem to get 1 cent for every five or ten views of my articles, so, if you have time please go and read one that interests you. How about one about staffie dogs or another about visiting the largest tree in the world. Many of my pieces have lost their top rating but most of them have already been snapped up by customers at Constant Content, so they aren't that bad. You can see more articles listed at my Helium page by clicking on this sign in my side bar.

Once I've claimed my payment I'll be able to forget about Helium, but it will have served its purpose in bringing me over $100 over a couple of years.


aw said...

Although I had seen your mentions of this site I hadn't visited before, Jean, but I have had a look through some of your articles. Quite a mix of styles and topics. Imagine these come from other work you have undertaken and can now maximise here. Do I detect American spelling in these? Does this cause difficulties when submitting or can you change things easily if the original was for a UK market?
Keep writing as there are sure to be demands for your varied work.

When I am Rich said...

Yes, of course I'll click a few for you, I completely understand your frustration with Helium! I joined it when it first started and it was worthwhile at first (especially when I won one of their competitions) but then they started changing the rules - always in their favour of course. I haven't added anything new there for ages and changed my real name to a pen name. But, like you, I rate occasionally for less than a dollar a month because they've got my work and won't let me delete it from their site.

jakill said...

Thanks AW.

And Linda - send me a ink and I'll return the favour.

jakill said...

Oops. I meant you to let me have a link, not some ink!

Paola said...

Have done some clucking, Jean. I am always amazed at the variety of subject matter that you write about!

Sharkbytes said...

I got totally fed up with Helium and bid them farewell about a year ago. My 30 articles there are just water over the dam. I'll read your pages.

jakill said...

Paola - thanks for the "clucking". Very motherly. LOL

Joan - thanks to you too. This is taking so long. I will be glad to be shot of it, finally.

DW96 said...

Hi Jean. I've been over there and had a look at a few. Hope this helps.

A fellow former writelinker admitted on one of his posts that he spent up to four hours a day clicking his ow content on one site just to up his views and in the end he was making $1 per day.

That same site owe me 13 cents. You know me and you know my opinion of content farms. I told them right where they could stick shove it, and as for the single article i put u there... they can keep it. It's a blatant plug for two of my novels.

As a novelist, during an average month I'll make more than the aforementioned mutual acquaintance will make in six months.

DW96 said...

I have no idea whether that lst comment made it.

jakill said...

Thanks David. The comment did make it and every little helps me get to my pay out eventually. I've got a few more cetns than usual added on since I posted this. I don't think my own clicks count, but I suppose it's worth a try.

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