Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Day Off

My blogging schedule is slipping a bit at the moment. Life is pretty busy, but yesterday I took a day off as I was invited to join a lunch for the family and friends of a new friend of mine. We were all supporting our local community by lunching at Bournemouth college's Escoffier gourmet restaurant, where first year students were practising what they'd been learning about the hospitality business. Of course that meant we could have an excellent three course meal at a bargain price, so everyone was happy.

And excellent it was, with several starter and main course choices, plus the Escoffier Assiettes for dessert. While we waited for the starters, we were served some delicious, nutty flavoured bread with plenty of butter.  My starter was chicken liver parfait with a sliver of toast and salad leaves, plus a very sweet chutney. I followed this with a poached salmon fillet in bearnaise sauce, served on a bed of  squashed potatoes with green beans. Every main course also came with a half moon plate on which was a potato filled crispy ball, some sliced asparagus and a volauvent containing a a small portion of creamy mixed beans. When it was time for dessert, everyone was served an oblong plate with a small creme brulee, a small piece of bakewell tart and a ball of chocolate brownie ice cream on a crisp sliver of sweet biscuit. 

All at the amazing price of £9.99. Now aren't you jealous? Well, if you have your own local college, check it out. Unfortunately you'll probably have to wait until September because they'll all be breaking up for the summer soon.

Oh, I nearly forgot. I went on the bus so I could have a drink. And I shared a bottle of Australian red with my friend at a cost of £7 each. The bus rides home went by in a haze, but I did manage to get off at the right stop and totter the few hundred yards home.


Sharkbytes said...

Wow- that's quite a menu!

jakill said...

Yes Joan. I think I'll be dreaming about it for a while.

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