Monday, 12 August 2013

Here we Are Again

I know. I've been away too long, and I apologise. Actually I have been dithering about whether to continue blogging at all, because I've been so busy since I returned from my break, and I am tired. But I can't actually bring myself to make the break, so the bad penny is back.

Jade was poorly the last couple of weeks as well. She had the squits and was clearly out of sorts, and after a few days I took her to the vet, where she had jabs and got put on a rice and chicken diet with a food supplement. We went back a few days later and she was pronounced well on the road to recovery, although my purse is a good few pounds lighter in more ways than one.

I can't really remember how I felt during and after my break, but I was away for six days. The first three I spent with family in a caravan, and was able to enjoy the delights of Hastings and Camber Sands - all very exciting. Hastings is a seaside town that sits beneath towering cliffs - see the pic of its cliff railway by Tony Hisgett of Birmingham, UK. The town famously gave its name to the battle in 1066 which heralded the Norman conquest of England.

The next three were very laid back, staying with generous friends just outside Eastbourne with my own spacious double bedroom and ensuite and all meals cooked for me. We made a return visit to the Clergy House at Alfriston, which was the first ever National Trust property, and visited a tasteful new residential development at Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne, where my friend's cousin had been fortunate enough to acquire a lovely flat with a balcony overlooking the harbour on one side and the open sea visible through the kitchen window on the other.

So no matter how tiring my days are now, I have some lovely memories.


John Sealander said...

Hope you continue blogging. It's always good to hear from you. Glad Jade is doing well too...

Jean Knill said...

Thanks John. I would certainly miss reading your daily post.

Linda D said...

Hope you and Jade are both soon on top form again.

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