Saturday, 17 August 2013

Pound Puppy Animal Rescue

This morning we took Jade to meet some old friends of hers at a fund-raising bazaar for the rescue organisation that passed her on to us. They hold one of these at the Courtyard Craft Centre in Lychett Minster several times a year. It's not far from us and we like to go along and support it whenever we can. The organisation is usually in hock to the vet and when we got Jade their account was about £4K in the red.

You can see some of the dogs they have rescued on this Facebook page. It includes a photo taken of Jade after she had won second prize in the prettiest bitch competition at one of their fun dog shows last year. She seems quite blase about the blue rosette she is wearing. It was her mum who was all puffed up with pride. I tried to copy the photo to display here but it wouldn't let me. Perhaps you can find it by scrolling down.

Here's another pic of Jade taken last year that might show you why she had to be a winner.

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