Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Final Goodbye

Today lots of our family and friends got together to celebrate George's life and times and give him a lovely send off at Poole Crematorium. He's no longer around to object to his photo on my blog so here he is on holiday in Herefordshire with me a few years ago. There aren't many recent photos of him as he was really quite camera shy, and I often had to catch him unawares, Here he has just turned to respond to me calling him, and this is the pic I carefully cropped to use on the Order of Service.

I was very proud of his daughter who read out a lovely poem, and of my son, who read a tribute that gave everyone a picture of him over the years - not an easy task for either of them. It was wonderful also that so many people travelled many miles to join me in the last goodbye. He went out to the sound track of The Great Escape, which used to be one of his favourite films.


Marc Latham said...

Nice post Ruth. He looks a nice man, and seems to have been from all the love you have for him.

Fantastic film taste too, as The Great Escape was one of my old faves too.

Glad you had a lovely life together.

Sharkbytes said...

Very nice- I'm glad your family could be with you, and that it was a good service. These passages are always so difficult.

Jenny Woolf said...

It is a lovely picture and full of life, a sense of a moment caught.

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