Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Trying to Get Back to Normal

I can't believe I haven't posted for another 10 days. Of course I don't have as much time now since I have to do everything myself. I do realise how much I relied on George now that he's not her any more. And I find I'm being more particular because I want to prove I can cope. Late this afternoon I swept up the leaves and cobwebs in the side passage, and then wiped the door and window ledges and frames. It has never looked so clean. As well as this, taking Jade on a couple of walks and running some errands, I also wrote an article for a law firm today,  and am trying to get back in the habit of writing every day. I really want to get back to posting here three times a week as well.

On Sunday I made a huge effort to get to a fun dog show with Jade. Fortunately it was in a Dorset village on a route I was familiar with, so I had no problem finding it in my 15 year old car, which now has a new clutch, and which I hope will continue to serve me for another year or so.

The dog show was fun, even though it was strange being there on my own with Jade. There were a number of familiar faces, and people and dogs to chat to. I entered Jade in just one class - best rescue dog. And was flabbergasted when we came out with first prize. Afterwards we paraded round our  neighbourhood with her red rosette pinned to her collar, and she is now known to the local dog loving fraternity as Princess Jade.

She also had her first professional photo shoot at the show, with a photographer who is a supporter of Pound Puppy Animal Rescue which had organised it. I thought it only fair to buy a print for £10. It's the close up I've added above. Although I can see on the A4 version that the detail of her fur and whiskers is well picked out, I'm not sure that the composition makes for a better photo than some I've taken myself. But heigh ho. It was all in a good cause.


Betty Boop14 said...

Well done Jean and Princess Jade!
it takes time to recover from a shock like you have had, don't exhaust yourself, I have been down that road and know what you are going through.

Paola said...

Well done Jade! Thinking of you, Jean.

Sharkbytes said...

Congrats on the ribbon! And best to you as you find the new normal.

Jenny Woolf said...

Well done Jade. What a lovely dog. She seems as if she is helping you adjust to your new life.

Jean Knill said...

Thanks for comments everyone. I like the idea of 'the new normal'. And Jade is certainly a great help and comfort.

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