Monday, 6 October 2014

A Morning's Work and Afternoon in the Great Outdoors

This pic of the beach at Canford Cliffs is
by Chris Downer

In the mornings, my computer draws me, calls me. All the while I feel it and have to resist until the time is right. I’ll have gone through my exercise routine, been out with Jade, fed her and myself, groomed her, and I really  want to get into my office, check my emails and Facebook, do some blog hopping, see what’s happening at Constant Content and whether I have made any sales there. If I succumb to the pull, the kitchen will remain a mess, the lounge untidied, the bed unmade, my teeth unbrushed (unlike Jade’s) and my face bare of make-up.

This happens more times than I care to admit, but not this morning. Although Jade woke me just after six, it was almost 10.30 before I found myself sitting in front of my monitor with all those irritating tasks completed. I’m still feeling quite pleased with myself having completed the article I was scheduled to write, and taken Jade for a lovely wild walk on the beach below Canford Cliffs. You can always find a free parking space there on days like today.

The beach was almost as empty of people as it is in the photo above, although we did see a few other people out with their dogs. We were all taking advantage of the fact that this part of the beach is open to dogs between October and April each year.

The sand was much smoother than it appears in the photo and the waves were bigger and wilder with white tops after this morning's wind and rain. Jade had a great time chasing the stones I picked up and threw for her, and then digging them into the pristine sand and gouging great holes so she could get them into her mouth again. It's a good way to get her running around to get some exercise instead of just trotting at my heels.


Sharkbytes said...

I envy you for sticking to some kind of schedule. Beach looks a bit like here.

Jean Knill said...

My beach is by the ocean of course, Joan. Which is your nearest lake?

Paola said...

What a stunning beach, Jean. Lovely and calm, unlike here!

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