Friday, 10 October 2014

Mature Studenthood

I've not been known to choose the easy route. I'd rather go over the mountain than around it. When I was offered a place to start in year 2 of an English degree course at Kingston Polytechnic in walking distance from my home (after completing a 2 year certificate in Higher Education when I was in my thirties), I passed it up for the 3 year Media Studies course for which I had to commute to the West End of London. This in spite of the fact that by then I was a single parent with two school age children and an unhelpful ex-husband.

Now it seems that my daughter could be a chip off the old block. She is making tentative plans to spend 4 years gaining her own degree leading to a complete change of career. She has mooted this before but there were too many barriers and it came to nothing. But it is her dream and I really hope that she can make it work this time.

I also have a selfish motive as she would have to move near me so that I can supply child and dog care when needed. So lots more change could be on the horizon. It certainly beats me trying to banish thoughts of my recent widowhood all the time.


Sharkbytes said...

Sounds like exciting things to look forward to.

Paola said...

This sounds lovely, Jean, and just right for you to be busy now. In my late thirties I went to do a course in Rome, leaving the three kids with mum-in-law. It was only a month, but such fun to be pampered by my mum, who made sure i had my packed lunch each day...and i think she enjoyed it too!

Jean Knill said...

Yes, Joan. It can't happen till next year, but I really hope it does.

That does sound good, Paola. I did 4 years without any pampering, but we did get to spend holidays with my parents in Torquay, which were lovely.

Linda D said...

Really hope your daughter is brave enough to follow her dream. I am finally taking the first tentative steps into something I've always been interested in but didn't have the confidence to pursue when I was younger. Too late for a whole new career, but it's still exciting to discover I can learn new things. Unlike your daughter, I had no encouragement from my mother!

Jean Knill said...

Good luck, Linda. Hope it goes well for you.

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