Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A Good Dog Book

I bought this book at the Pound Puppy Rescue fundraising bazaar on Saturday and it went to the top of my to be read pile immediately. Tomorrow I will pass it on to my dog minder who asked if it was making me cry. At the time I was not even half way through and I said, "No." But that was premature. It did have some parts that made this softie well up a bit.

The author, Jon Katz, relates the trials and tribulations of introducing a wild, two-year-old border collie  to his placid household and a very long suffering but luckily understanding neighbourhood. At times it seems that they will never properly bond, and you will have to read it to find out how it comes about.

I have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone who loves dogs. My only gripe about it is that the sweet picture on the cover can't be of Devon when Jon first got him, because he was then two years old.

When I checked  Amazon, I found it still available along with a number of other doggie books by this author. Apparently this one was a catalyst for him writing in the genre (if you can call it that). I'll probably start buying them for my Kindle when my to be read list is depleted.


Jenny Woolf said...

It sounds like a lovely book. I agree about the puppy shot on the front though - it's always annoying when the cover designer hasn't read the book!

Sharkbytes said...

I really get annoyed when the cover has no relationship to the actual content. OK, it's a dog. Probably the right breed, but still...

Jean Knill said...

OK Jenny and Joan. I guess I should mention that a puppy of that kind does feature later in the book, but not the one in the title. Don't let it put you off reading, though.

Linda D said...

Sounds like my kind of book. Just wondering if that's the author's real name or pen-name? A good name for someone writing about dogs!

Friko said...

I already break my heart over my dogs when they are ill or die; must I now cry over doggies in books too?
Every time we visit the Vet I see unwanted and abandoned, as well as much-loved, of course, doggies and I want to take them all home. I now have only one black lab/collie mix.

Ah well, I don’t suppose the Kindle edition will be missing in my list for long.

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