Monday, 13 October 2014

Catching up with Friends and a Star Dieter

Yesterday I went out to lunch with my son and his girlfriend, and we drove to a pub run by friends near where we used to live. It was good to catch up with the landlord and his wife although, of course, they were too busy to have more than a few minutes with us. But our ex-next door neighbours also came along for a drink and a chat for the first time without George being with us.  Although we felt a little sad, we had some good laughs as well, remembering our old times together.

Jade wasn’t left out as she got petted, and I had taken along a dish for her to have some leftovers and a drink after we’d eaten. I was quite proud because a woman at the next table said she had never seen a King Charles look so slim before. They are renowned for wanting to eat and eat. 

If you are a regular reader, you may remember that when Jade went for her annual check-up in March, she was pronounced over weight and I had to reduce her food intake. The way I managed it was to halve her daily amount of Science Diet nuts, exchanging it for boiled rice and a little cooked chicken at breakfast time, and giving her perhaps a little less in the evening.  I also had to cut down the calories she was getting from treats during the day. It’s worked really well; we’ve seen a steady weight loss every month since, and the vet says she is their star dieter.

She now looks very svelte and has lots more energy for running around when we go out. Not today though as it has been heavy rain and we’ve just made a couple of quick trips to the park at the end of our road, with both of us snuggled into raincoats.


Sharkbytes said...

Such good news for Jade! It's raining here today too.

Jean Knill said...

Cheers, Joan. We had a dry morning and now it's raining cats and dogs again today.

Paola said...

Lovely, Jean! And well done, Jade! I remember overfeeding nine labrador puppies on very expensive food years ago...I had misunderstood the vet's instructions! They did very well nonetheless...

Anonymous said...

Lovely looking dog!

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