Saturday, 21 March 2015

Getting Back to Normal

Felt quite proud of myself yesterday for what I managed to achieve on my own. I had got the floors, worktops and cupboard doors cleaned up the day before, and was wondering how I'd manage to get the furnishings back in place, even the curtains which had previously been a two-man job. But I worked out the way to do that before I even got out of bed in the morning. And my plan to take the curtain rail down, resting it on chairs to get the curtains on and then put it back, worked a treat, even if I was in danger of falling off the step stool a couple of times. Later I found it was possible to drag the fridge and the heavy furniture across the tiled floor, and now I have my kitchen/diner back. It won't have to be moved around again until the decorating contingency arrive just before Easter, by which time the plaster around the new window will be well and truly dried.

My lounge is still covered with piles of books that need properly sorting before I decide where the ones I want to keep will live in new house format. Jade is somewhat confused by it all and frequently escapes into the garage conversion where she has a comfy bed  behind my computer. The only trouble with that is, while she can push the door open and go in, it swings to again and she can't get it open to get out. So I have to follow her and wedge the door open. If I don't see her go, I know where to find her later. But she's usually quite happy if she has a warm bed to curl up in.


Sharkbytes said...

She does look a bit wary, but I love your dining space. Very cheery.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I like like your cozy little dining spot. Very comfortable and homey. Your little pooch looks bewildered :)

Jean Knill said...

Thank you, Joan. I expect Jade will be telling you all about it sometime soon.

Jean Knill said...

Glad you like it, Jo. And really good to hear from you.

Linda D said...

It's all looking very good, Jean. Well done! I've decided what needs doing in my house but actually getting started on it is a different matter.:)

Jenny Woolf said...

Well done! Your kitchen - diner looks really charming already. I wish I could get around to doing the thousand and one things that need doing here!

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