Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My life by Jade: Helping my Mummy

My poor Mummy has writer’s block so she asked me to help her out by producing this and apologising for not posting for such a long time. Actually I think the block has been in getting her to sit down at the computer. There has been so much else going on here, and it’s not going to get much better for a while.

She finally found a builder to put in the new window that will bring light into the alcove that the computer is to move into with all the stationery and stuff that is left after the big turn-out (which is still under way). We hope that will be done next week. The leak from the towel rail in the shower room has been fixed properly at last. When all the lights went out last night, it did rather seem like the last straw, but in the morning light she found the trip switch that turned most of them on again: all except the one which broke and tripped us into darkness. We can manage just as well without that one.

Today we went to another vet to get a second opinion on my ‘arthritis’. I am only four years old but my front legs are hurting nearly all the time now. He was a very thorough vet and he confirmed that I have joint problems in both my shoulders. Mummy had thought it was only one but I let her know about the other one this morning when he pulled it. He was a very nice man and gave us several options for how to deal with it, and now we have to discuss it with my usual vet again.

In between all this Mummy has been making some new friends which meant one day we went for a walk with four other dogs and their two Mummies. We also had some visitors so we can write more posts about all that as well.

Will that do for now, Mummy?  Thank you, Jade.


Jenny Woolf said...

A very nice post, Jade! I hope your shoulders get better soon. It is tough luck to have arthritis at your age but with luck the vet will be able to help you deal with it.

Sharkbytes said...

Nice to hear from you, Jade, but I'm sorry about your shoulders.

Jean Knill said...

Jade has been xrayed today. Apparently her problems stem from a slight abnormality in two of her spinal discs at the neck end.

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