Friday 27 May 2016

Four Legged Windsurfer

Yesterday, walking our two dogs in Hamworthy Park was blissful in brilliant sunshine, with a light breeze. This is what we saw on the water.

Hard to tell if the dog was enjoying it or petrified, but it was obeying commands to come or stay as the sail was turned. Sometimes he was the same side as his owner, but the best pics we took were when he was on the other side of the sail All the while we watched, he didn't have a ducking. Plucky dog.

Friday 20 May 2016

Another Country Walk

The dogs just love walking at Badbury Rings. It's one of the huge Dorset earthworks with a long history. I've posted about it before here. We went again recently although I can no longer walk as far as I used to. I managed to get over the top, with help of my daughter's arm and a few rest stops.

I love this pic particularly because the detail of the fallen tree is so clear.

The views from the top of the banks are amazing through 360 degrees. Rafi is particularly difficult to photograph as he rarely keeps still. Here he is showing off some modern steps that have been added to make it easier to get up and down.

Here is Jade with my daughter.

By this time the clouds were getting very threatening and we headed back to the car park and off for our lovely pub lunch at the True Lovers' Knot, a nearby hostelry that admits dogs and that we highly recommend.

Sunday 8 May 2016

The Dolphin - Days out on the Water for the Disabled

The singing group handing over a cheque to our charity of the year a couple of months ago. The charity is the Dolphin which is a boat adapted for wheelchairs that takes disabled people on trips round the harbour from Poole Quay. When we do little concerts, mainly for the elderly in homes and at clubs, they give a donation that we save for the charity every year. Each year we vote for the nominated charity and this year it will be the Dolphin again.

You might be able to pick me out in the pic, left of centre in the red and black.

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