Wednesday 31 August 2011

Monday 29 August 2011

My Life II - by Jade

I told you in the last episode of my life that I was going for an operation, and was wandering how much fun it would be. Well, I have to say that it wasn't fun at all. Mummy really let me down there. She left me in this place where the people seemed really nice but they stung my leg and then I couldn't seem to keep awake. When I woke up they made me walk out to a big room, but I was so sleepy I couldn't even wag my tail to tell mummy I was glad to see her. But they put me on her lap and I fell asleep again. When I woke up again she was carrying me out of the car and I was never so glad to find that I was back in my forever home again, so I could sleep on my beloved sofa next to mummy again.

I woke up in the night and my tummy was sore so I thought I'd give it a lick. But then mummy woke up too and she put this horrid collar around my neck and it stopped me from reaching my tummy. It wasn't nice but I felt so tired I went to sleep again. Next time I woke up I found this thing was still round my neck and I was frightened and tried hard to rub it off but I couldn't, so I cried to make mummy wake up and take it off for me. I licked her hand to say thank you but I was quite worn out so I went to sleep again.

My tummy was sore for a while but it got better. I had to go back to the vet place a couple of times. I tried to stop mummy going into the little room with the big table, but in she went so I had to follow and make sure they didn't hurt her.

She didn't take me for a nice long walk for ages after that, and then we had a visit from family and I was introduced to Ted, who looked rather like me but was much more grown up. Mummy said he could be my boyfriend, but he was a bit growly when I cuddled up to his family members. Then he realised that I needed more cuddles than him because I'm just a baby and it was alright after that. 

We had a bit of fun together, and went to the woods on the cliffs for a run around. He went home after a few days and I decided to let mummy know I was missing him so I peed on the carpet a couple of times. She shut me outside while she cleaned it up, but then she let me in for cuddles again, and I forgot all about Ted.

This week we started going for longer walks again and daddy came too some days. Mummy let me off the lead on the beach so I could chase the seagulls. When they flew over the water I forgot I was frightened of it and splashed in after them. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be getting my feet wet. I tried having a drink as well but it tasted horrible.

Another day they let me off the lead in the woods and I went running in lots of places they couldn't follow me through the bushes. I shook my head and laughed at them when they called me. I knew exactly where they were all the time, and I knew the place where I needed to go back on the lead, before the gate to the lane where the bikes go, so that's where I came back.

After our walks we always go back to my forever house. I think I'm enjoying life again.

Monday 22 August 2011

You Never Know When you Might Need a Translator

A few years ago I was given some temporary cold calling work by an international translation agency setting up an office in the UK. It wasn't very well paid at the time, but the contract had a commission element, and 12 months down the line a nice fat cheque arrived, so I was glad I'd done it.

It did mean that I learnt something about what people wanted from translation agencies. Recently I've come across another translation agency which has a very impressive list of clients here in the UK, and is obviously getting things right. It has its headquarters in London but its web site lists offices in Shanghai, Paris, New York and Luxembourg.

It offers a range of translations services covering 150 languages, just a small fraction of the estimated 6 to 8,000 spoken languages thought to exist in the world, but still a formidable number in my book. They also have specialist translators who can cope with medical, financial, legal and other types of jargon.

So for example they can provide a translation service on a report from a foreign hospital for someone who needs continued treatment for an illness after returning home. That happened to my son when he was younger and we'd taken him on holiday. He had an operation in France; his symptoms recurred when he was back, so he ended up in our local hospital. I don't know what translation company was used at the time, but it's good to know there are translation companies out there which can help at such a time.

Monday 15 August 2011

Dreaming of America

I'd so love to spend some time in the US, travelling around. I'd love to see the Grand Canyon and visit my cousin in Memphis. She could take me to Gracelands, of course. That would have to be on my itinerary.  And there are plenty of other famous places and sights I'm dying to see over the pond.

But I'd also have to pre-book tickets for shows and events that I might never have another chance to see. If I could be in Tennessee at the right time, I could get some Rascal Flatts Tickets for Nashville and catch some country rock.

Peter Pan is one of my favurite pantomimes in the UK. It would be a great experience to use Peter Pan Tickets in Oklahoma on my way west.

Being a fan of the beautiful game at home (soccer for the uninitiated, but we just call it football), I'd like to watch some American football and see how it compares. I might then head for California with some San Diego Chargers Tickets.

Now I'd need to still be there, or return again, in November or December. Then I'd definitely be in the market for Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets at one of their tour locations.

Nevada would also be on the list as I'd have to see Las Vegas. If I was there at the right time, I could catch a show by one of my all time favourites with my Celine Dion Tickets.

Dream on, I tell myself.  I may well just have to settle for the memories of my single weekend visit to New York. But you never know.  My hubby insists on doing the lottery every week.  One day his number may come up.  I wonder if he'd treat me.

Thursday 11 August 2011

My Life by Jade

When my mummy and daddy brought me home I was a bit confused at first because I'd never had a forever home before. It was nice that I had two or three people with nice warm laps, but I did wonder how long it would last. I could only remember having to stay in a small area in the pound with only my sister for company and an occasional nice human with time to make a fuss of us for a little while. Then I was taken to a nice house where there were two humans but I had to share them with other dogs and cats, too. Now I've been here for a while it seems like my forever home and I hope it is because I love my mummy and I'm happy when she is in the same room with me, and happiest of all when I can sit with her on the settee and put my head and front paws on her lap. Daddy and Big Sye are ok too if mummy's not around, but I always try to be with mummy as soon as she comes in.

I didn't know where I was supposed to go to wee and pooh when I first came here, and I was scared people would be cross with me when I did it in the wrong place. Now mummy takes me out to the weeing and poohing places when we get up and before we go to bed, and after she's had lunch we usually go somewhere more exciting where I can run around and follow all the wonderful smells.

When my mummy works on her computer, I like to have a place to lie down near her. We did try it with me on her lap a few times, but she wouldn't let me stay there for long because she said I got in her way. Sometimes she puts a laundry basket near her with some towels in for me to lie on. The first time she put a cushion on a box under the computer table, I didn't realise it was for her to put her foot up on when her ankle started hurting. I thought she put it there for me to jump into just like the laundry basket. It's very comfy even though my weight pushed the cushion down into the box, and the cardboard sides are really tasty when mummy doesn't stop me chewing them.

Yesterday we went to what the humans call dog training. Actually it's all about training humans how to behave around dogs. We have to go into a really big hall and the first time we went I really didn't want to go through the door. But I soon found out that there's lots of lovely things to eat in there, and I try to get mummy to walk faster until we are in there. I like saying hallo to the other dogs, but I have to stop that and help with mummy's training. One of the other puppies is enormous and I was a bit nervous of him before I found out that he's a great big softie. And I'm proud to say that I'll actually be grown up about 3 years before him.

Today I had a bath and Daddy scrubbed me with a flea shampoo. When he finished there weren't any dead fleas in the water like there were the first time he did it. I tried to tell him I didn't have any fleas, but he's just a human and he didn't understand me. My ears take so long to dry and I've been shut out of the lounge for such a long time. It's not fair. Still I've been keeping mummy company in her office, which I probably would have done anyway.

I had to have that bath because tomorrow I'm off to the vet for an operation so that I won't have any puppies of my own. I'm not sure what that means but I hope it's going to be fun. Mummy's going to take me and I usually have fun when I go somewhere with mummy.

Monday 8 August 2011

Life as a Senior

Do you get fed up with the endless round of housework, gardening and other chores? Do you ever feel that whatever you are doing, you are neglecting something else? If so, come and join my club (figuratively speaking). Every day I start with a list of things I really should do, either on paper or in my head.  Every evening I realise there are still so many items on that list that I just haven't been able to get round to.

Today's list was:

1. vacuum to landing at top of stairs (incldues 5 rooms and two hallways)
2. Clean my son's room
3. Wash the kitchen counters and cupboard doors, change and clean cooker filter hood
4. Sweep the passageway outside clear of droppings from the neighbours' trees and clean the outside of the back door.
5. Ironing.

Make mixed lamb and chicken kebabs with pittas for our supper.

Phone calls
1. arrange for dog to be spayed
2. call the hospital to confirm appointments
3. Make appointment with GP
4. Make appointment at beauty salon for facial har removal.

We're out of puppy food, bread, milk and a few things for my planned supper tonight.

Walk the puppy
A combined trip with the shopping as she stays in the car while I'm in the supermarket, then I take her to the common and the beach, where she has a high old time.

Start what has been commissioned for August, for which I received the brief email over the weekend. Complete at least two article drafts.


Post in blogger, EC drops and adgitizing.

It all started at 6 am when the dog woke me to take her out for her ablutions.  It's now 7.15 pm and I'm still not finished.  I've only managed one of my article drafts, three of my four phone calls, and three of the housework items will have to go on tomorrow's list along with the fourth phone call.

Such is life in semi-retirement.

Saturday 6 August 2011

Paignton's Carnival

In the middle of the week we were away, Paignton held its carnival procession. When we lived in our last house, in Gillingham, the carnival took place on a Thursday in October, and the procession came back in the dark. It seemed strange watching it in summer when it was still light at 8.15 in the evening. New regulations about insurance and health and safety have made it much more expensive for people to prepare and use impressively large lighted floats, so it was good to see that efforts were still being made. I snapped away but in some of the shots the crowds of watchers were the most interesting aspects. Here are a few of the better ones.

The next is one of the area's carnival queen wagons.

By the time this Monarch of the Glen float passed us, the light was starting to get dim.

A rather unusual bus driver.

 There were several groups of young majorettes.

 My sister, daughter and granddaughter were all watching this at the point where it left the Green on Paignton Sea Front, and then we went and had a drink in the pub where  my nephew is a manager.  It has a children's play area so my granddaughter was happy. From the open window we saw the tops of the procession again as it returned after it's trip around the town.  Finally, we got our lift home from my nephew when he was able to leave work.  It had all been good fun, but I was glad to leave all the crowds behind.

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy - and Badgers

I came back from my hols on Sunday and still haven't found time to transfer my pics from camera to computer. I did manage to write a post on Monday but not do any adgitizing or EC dropping.  Today I completed a job to write 4 pieces of around 200 words each ahead of tomorrow's deadline, so that's good. But there were two men living here while I was away, and I  have a lot of catching up to do in the house and an enormous pile of ironing waiting. Monday I needed to shop for food etc., yesterday I had hospital appointments and today I took Jade to her dog training class.  All that in addition to two short and one long walk every day for my lovely puppy.  She gave me the most wonderful welcome when I got off the train, and I was so pleased that my hubby brought her to meet me.

Now you are no doubt wondering about the badgers.  I'm really thrilled to be able to report that I've seen my first wild family of live badgers.  We stayed on a caravan site for a few nights, and my son came in one night and said he'd seen them by a van on the edge of the site next to woodland.  He led me back to find them again - and there they were, eight of them pf various sizes. We stood back and watched them trundling around until three of them came towards us.  My lad said hallo to them and they stopped and turned their faces up towards us, then turned and headed one by one, at quite a slow, majestic gait, through the boundary into the wood. It was a magical moment, something I've often wished I could see.

Of course, the light was dim as it was around 10 pm.  So we didn't try to take photos.  But I found this one of a similar looking badger ar Wikimedia Commons.  It's author is listed as BadgerHero.

Monday 1 August 2011

Medical Education

I came back from my hols yesterday. Had a great time and will write more about it later.

Now I need to replenish my coffers so I'm pleased to be able to write this sponsored post about something that really interests me. It's about training for doctors. I was chatting recently to a friend who has been involved in medical training for a long time and now specialises in working with general practitioners (GPs) here in the UK. She was saying how they need more than medical training so I was fascinated to find out about an organisation that provides a variety of courses for doctors in the UK

Consultants have to undergo a rigorous selection process that includes being interviewed by an Advisory Appointment Committee comprising at least six specific types of member, and often several more. They need to present themselves well and can become much more confident after attending a consultant interview course.

In teaching hospitals, the doctors must be able to educate the students. If you have ever been hospitalised, you will know that nine times out of ten, the consultant or registrar will arrive at your bedside with quite an entourage of students who must be told about your condition. The doctors' own medical training doesn't necessarily equip them with the skills to teach others, so a medical teaching course, or a teach the teacher course, could be just what is needed.

Hospitals generally don't have a reputation for good management, a perception that really needs to change in the current climate of criticism and cost cutting in the NHS. The medical management course covers effective communication and negotiation, as well as a variety of skills needed to lead teams, deal with issues and work through service development problems.

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