Thursday 22 December 2016

Beach Hut Views

Top storey beach huts at Branksome Chine have the best views. And they are safe for dogs and children too. A little bit of paradise on a sunny winter day.

Saturday 10 December 2016

The Tree is Up

For about ten years I have grown a little Christmas tree in a pot in the garden. We brought it indoors in the pot each December. This year I reluctantly agreed to let it go because it was no longer happy in the pot and I don't have a place for it in the garden. I was sad to see it go, but it has made room for one that comes in a box and will be broken down and packed away when the time comes. It is taller and slimmer, and has its own built in lights, so it is easier to put up (hoping the lights still work next year). And it fits nicely into this corner. Now that we have it decorated I quite like it.

Sunday 4 December 2016

Winter Sun and Wind

It was bitterly cold with a bracing wind at the beach this morning. Heading into the wind really took your breath away. It was bliss to turn around and walk back. But the sun shone from a bright blue sky and everything was beautiful. the dogs appreciated it too.

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