Thursday, 11 August 2011

My Life by Jade

When my mummy and daddy brought me home I was a bit confused at first because I'd never had a forever home before. It was nice that I had two or three people with nice warm laps, but I did wonder how long it would last. I could only remember having to stay in a small area in the pound with only my sister for company and an occasional nice human with time to make a fuss of us for a little while. Then I was taken to a nice house where there were two humans but I had to share them with other dogs and cats, too. Now I've been here for a while it seems like my forever home and I hope it is because I love my mummy and I'm happy when she is in the same room with me, and happiest of all when I can sit with her on the settee and put my head and front paws on her lap. Daddy and Big Sye are ok too if mummy's not around, but I always try to be with mummy as soon as she comes in.

I didn't know where I was supposed to go to wee and pooh when I first came here, and I was scared people would be cross with me when I did it in the wrong place. Now mummy takes me out to the weeing and poohing places when we get up and before we go to bed, and after she's had lunch we usually go somewhere more exciting where I can run around and follow all the wonderful smells.

When my mummy works on her computer, I like to have a place to lie down near her. We did try it with me on her lap a few times, but she wouldn't let me stay there for long because she said I got in her way. Sometimes she puts a laundry basket near her with some towels in for me to lie on. The first time she put a cushion on a box under the computer table, I didn't realise it was for her to put her foot up on when her ankle started hurting. I thought she put it there for me to jump into just like the laundry basket. It's very comfy even though my weight pushed the cushion down into the box, and the cardboard sides are really tasty when mummy doesn't stop me chewing them.

Yesterday we went to what the humans call dog training. Actually it's all about training humans how to behave around dogs. We have to go into a really big hall and the first time we went I really didn't want to go through the door. But I soon found out that there's lots of lovely things to eat in there, and I try to get mummy to walk faster until we are in there. I like saying hallo to the other dogs, but I have to stop that and help with mummy's training. One of the other puppies is enormous and I was a bit nervous of him before I found out that he's a great big softie. And I'm proud to say that I'll actually be grown up about 3 years before him.

Today I had a bath and Daddy scrubbed me with a flea shampoo. When he finished there weren't any dead fleas in the water like there were the first time he did it. I tried to tell him I didn't have any fleas, but he's just a human and he didn't understand me. My ears take so long to dry and I've been shut out of the lounge for such a long time. It's not fair. Still I've been keeping mummy company in her office, which I probably would have done anyway.

I had to have that bath because tomorrow I'm off to the vet for an operation so that I won't have any puppies of my own. I'm not sure what that means but I hope it's going to be fun. Mummy's going to take me and I usually have fun when I go somewhere with mummy.


Paola said...

oh she is LOVELY! I so miss having a dog - must see if I can at least offer a home to a homeless one for a couple of years! Enjoy her, Jean, and give her a cuddle from me.

jakill said...

I do enjoy her Paola. And she says thank you for her cuddle. She'll take those from anyone. Hope you find one for yourself, although it will be such a wrench if you then have to leave him or her.

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