Monday, 8 August 2011

Life as a Senior

Do you get fed up with the endless round of housework, gardening and other chores? Do you ever feel that whatever you are doing, you are neglecting something else? If so, come and join my club (figuratively speaking). Every day I start with a list of things I really should do, either on paper or in my head.  Every evening I realise there are still so many items on that list that I just haven't been able to get round to.

Today's list was:

1. vacuum to landing at top of stairs (incldues 5 rooms and two hallways)
2. Clean my son's room
3. Wash the kitchen counters and cupboard doors, change and clean cooker filter hood
4. Sweep the passageway outside clear of droppings from the neighbours' trees and clean the outside of the back door.
5. Ironing.

Make mixed lamb and chicken kebabs with pittas for our supper.

Phone calls
1. arrange for dog to be spayed
2. call the hospital to confirm appointments
3. Make appointment with GP
4. Make appointment at beauty salon for facial har removal.

We're out of puppy food, bread, milk and a few things for my planned supper tonight.

Walk the puppy
A combined trip with the shopping as she stays in the car while I'm in the supermarket, then I take her to the common and the beach, where she has a high old time.

Start what has been commissioned for August, for which I received the brief email over the weekend. Complete at least two article drafts.


Post in blogger, EC drops and adgitizing.

It all started at 6 am when the dog woke me to take her out for her ablutions.  It's now 7.15 pm and I'm still not finished.  I've only managed one of my article drafts, three of my four phone calls, and three of the housework items will have to go on tomorrow's list along with the fourth phone call.

Such is life in semi-retirement.


NeoBluePanther said...

I think it happens with everyone these days because there are so many things to do,and so little time. The social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and now Google plus are not helping either. :-)

Paola said...

I do sympathise, Jean...on the facial hair thing, I got mine lasered - expensive at the time but well worth it in the long run - never have to bother about it now!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

She is so adorable. I'm sure her list would have been- sit with mummie, tell mummie I'm hungry, get petted.

jakill said...

Hi NBP. I'm sure you are right. I've got Facebook and Twitter accounts but rarely go there. Good for promoting blog posts though.

jakill said...

Cheers Paola. Good to see you here. I have to do electrolysis as the laser was too expensive when I started. Have probably spent that several times over though. My hair is so stubborn!

jakill said...

Hi Joan. I think you got that list right for Jade. Even now, after I took her to the vet to be speyed, she still moves from room to room with me and has to have a bed in the office and the kitchen diner. In the lounge she uses the armchairs and settee. The latter is favourite as she can get really close to me there.

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