Monday, 15 August 2011

Dreaming of America

I'd so love to spend some time in the US, travelling around. I'd love to see the Grand Canyon and visit my cousin in Memphis. She could take me to Gracelands, of course. That would have to be on my itinerary.  And there are plenty of other famous places and sights I'm dying to see over the pond.

But I'd also have to pre-book tickets for shows and events that I might never have another chance to see. If I could be in Tennessee at the right time, I could get some Rascal Flatts Tickets for Nashville and catch some country rock.

Peter Pan is one of my favurite pantomimes in the UK. It would be a great experience to use Peter Pan Tickets in Oklahoma on my way west.

Being a fan of the beautiful game at home (soccer for the uninitiated, but we just call it football), I'd like to watch some American football and see how it compares. I might then head for California with some San Diego Chargers Tickets.

Now I'd need to still be there, or return again, in November or December. Then I'd definitely be in the market for Trans-Siberian Orchestra Tickets at one of their tour locations.

Nevada would also be on the list as I'd have to see Las Vegas. If I was there at the right time, I could catch a show by one of my all time favourites with my Celine Dion Tickets.

Dream on, I tell myself.  I may well just have to settle for the memories of my single weekend visit to New York. But you never know.  My hubby insists on doing the lottery every week.  One day his number may come up.  I wonder if he'd treat me.


Joyce Lansky said...

Funny! I'm here in Memphis wishing I could go see the UK.


jakill said...

Nice to meet you Joyce. Perhaps one day we could swap houses - and dogs.

C. JoyBell C. said...

oh my god! you love Rascal Flatts?? Life is a highwaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! I used to sing that all the time! hahaha!

jakill said...

Thanks for your visit and comment, Joybell. Glad I could remind you of a former passion. Took a look at your blog and your writing is so deep, it takes some reading. I just love that version of The Lady of Shalot too.

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