Friday, 7 March 2008

A Bit of This and That

The free course thing didn't work. Well it did, except it was for another course that I didn't want. I guess they must offer each one within a timescale, or something.

I’ve spent most of today researching historic hotels worldwide. My practice is to copy the exciting chunks from websites into a word document that I save in a research folder. Then I organise the material in the way I think will be most useful.

And I’ll probably curse half way through printing because I’ve forgotten to add page numbers and will have to start again. I know from experience that I’ll get pages mixed up during drafting and will never find the next bits I want without being able to put the pages back in the right order. Fortunately I always print this sort of thing on paper I’m recycling, ie it’s already been used on one side.

I certainly won’t get recompensed in one article for the research time I put in. But I don’t mind because a) it gives me lots of ideas for other pieces, and b) I really enjoy doing it. And I’m now thinking it might end up as several articles anyway.

Really I should stop and do some filing. I’m drowning in paper here is my common lament, because I feel far too drained after researching or writing, so I just push it all to one side. But it is getting a bit silly now, so I must give it some time soon.

I did take time to write my haiku diary. You can see some of that on Writelink, which, of course, I’m neglecting because of writing in here.

Do you ever feel that, whatever you’re doing at the moment, you’re neglecting something else?

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