Friday, 28 March 2008

Little things That Mean a Lot

I’m writing a bit later today so I might have to stop in the middle to get supper. The reason for my lateness is that, not long after dropping off the recycling, I was hijacked coming out of Waitrose with some toiletries and a loaf of bread, the latter being the thing I really went in there for. I was just looking out some coins to buy a Big Issue when in walked a very good friend I hadn’t seen for some time. “Come and have a hot chocolate.” She said. So I did, and we spent a happy hour chatting over our scrumptiously naughty, cream topped drinks. I’m afraid I forgot all about the poor Big Issue vendor. Have to make it up to him next week.

After that I still had to go to the tyre fitters to arrange three new tyres to be fitted on my car next week. The fitter took his time looking them over and checking my spare and topping up the air, so what I thought would be a quick in and out turned out to be more than half an hour.

On the way home I found myself following my husband’s taxi and, when he parked, we both wound down our windows for a catch up on the day so far and what we are going to do tomorrow night. By the time I’d parked my car, let myself in, dropped off the shopping in the kitchen and bathroom, I’d been out of my office for a good two hours.

I’m not unhappy about that, though. I spend so many days in my home office, punching the keyboard with only virtual companions, it’s really great when I get out of the house and have conversations with real people. I get to use my smile muscles so much more.

I think that will have to do for today. It is time to start the supper now and I don’t think I’ll get back here tonight after all.

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