Friday, 14 March 2008

A Little Writing Tip

Today I took a moment from slaving over an article about Barcelona to check my account at Constant Content and found I had yet another sale. Double celebrations tonight because another one went yesterday.

It took several months of intermittently submitting articles before I was successful there, but after my first sale, there has been a steady trickle, and I have reached the payment threshold each month. I’m now saving US dollars and hoping I won’t need to convert them until the exchange rate is more healthy. Suppose it depends on how long it will take the US to pull itself out of the current doldrums.

One of the pieces I sold was about punctuation, using commas in particular circumstances. In it I was able to share this tip from a former English tutor.

‘Put commas around any words that you can leave out and still have a sentence that makes sense. The words inside the commas will be clauses or phrases that give you additional meaning.’

I’ve found this bit of advice invaluable over the years, both in my own work, when writing or editing, and when I’ve been teaching other people. It’s a really simple way to keep to grammatical rules that can otherwise get quite complicated. You have to start discussing sentence structure, dependent and independent clauses, adjectival and adverbial clauses and suchlike.

Just a little tip I thought I'd share.

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DW said...

Congratulations on your CC sales, Jean. I've never put enough on there to sell anything, or maybe i'm just too expensive

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