Friday, 29 August 2008

Back in the Hot Seat.

I'm back at my computer today and writing about Chinese Astrology. Again. The last time I wrote about this and offered the article to my favourite customer on Constant Content, it wasn't taken up. But a few weeks later it was - by someone else. And now the first customer wants something on the subject. I suspect they came back to search it out and realised they'd missed the boat. I know their publication date is 15 September so they'll be wanting it quickly. I needed to work up a slightly different angle, so that I can't be accused of plagiarising my own work. It meant doing a bit more research.

I'm not going to get it finished tonight so I decided to take a break and do my blog post. I did check the CC forum this morning and read a thread enquiring how people manage to churn out 10 or 15 articles a day. It beats me: I'm always battling against time, even since I retired from the day jobs.

In between some staccato bursts of researching and writing today, I've had to:

  • sort the laundry and get on a washload
  • call Autoglass to find out why they hadn't turned up at 11.30 this morning when I'd been expecting them at 10
  • deal with them when they finally did turn up at about 1.30
  • negotiate space with my neighbour so I could give the engineer space to open the doors on both sides
  • discuss my cat feeding duties with wife of said neighbour while they go away for a long weekend
  • head out for my weekly electrolysis session and get some bits for the fridge and our evening meal - fortunately hubby was around to drive me to the salon in his taxi, because my car still couldn't be moved. I had to walk home - just as well as it was my only exercise today
  • return a call from a friend who invited me to walk around Blagdon Lake with her on Monday. I had to explain that I can't take yet anther day off the writing just yet. I didn't mention that the weather forecast is horrendous for Monday anyway
  • decide to put off making several other phone calls I'll have to catch up with this weekend.

So it is now 10 pm and I haven't even completed a first draft of my article. And I simply must do some Entrecard dropping before I turn in.

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