Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Windscreens and Flying Stones

I'm forward posting again. And I still haven't finished the ironing and putting everything ready for packing at 6 am, so this ought to be short.

I'm not too enamoured of Autglass at the moment s I won't be adding their link. It's their fault I'm having to get a train to my daughter's tomorrow. Here's what happened.

Monday: after the latest flying stone chips my windscreen, I think it's time to sort out all my chips. I call Autoglass.

"The first appointment I can give you is on Friday morning at about 10. That ok?"

"Sure. I don't know if I will get away with a repair or need a new windscreen." Not that last quote from me. It's important.

After going through all the necessary questions. the girl at the end og the phone says, "As you don't have any shelter, our representative won't be able to do the work if it's raining."

Later a man calls and says they have double booked and will not be able to come before noon.

Wednesday: I have a brainwave and knock on my neighbour's door and ask for a favour.

"Of course you can use our car port if it's raining."

I call Autoglass. They note that shelter is now available if needed.

Friday: The phone rings at 11 am - the Autoglass man has been knocking on my back door which I can't hear because I am working in my office upstairs and not expecting him before 12. At least he had the sense to use the phone. We go to my car and inspect all the chips.

"Only these two need to be repaired.," he tells me. "The others are just surface chips and are not a problem. But this one is very near the edge so I'm not sure I can repair. But I'll try , and I'll start with that one. "

I tell him to open the door and call out when he needs me, and retire back upstairs.

Three minutes later, I'm called back down.

"Sorry, I'd only just started and, as I thought, it was too near the edge and it's started to crack."

"OK. I'm prepared to pay the excess for the new windscreen as I told you girl on the phone."


"The earliest we can do it is next Wednesday."

"I won't be here then. I'm going away and will be back latish on Thursday. I suppose I'd better go to London by train."

We arrange an appointment for Friday morning, one week ahead.

"You can still drive," he said. "It's safe enough."

At that point the crack was about an inch either side of the chip. The next morning the crack was half way across the windscreen. I gingerly did a 10 mile round trip to Shaftesbury. I haven't looked at it today, but I'm too chicken to try taking it up the M3.

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Gerald said...

I was driving down a winding country lane about 3 months ago and I was doing about 60mph when a stone flicked up and made a massive crack on the passenger side of the cars windscreen. As soon as I returned home I got on the phone to a friend who pointed me in the direction of Autoglass who were very helpful, gave a fast service and above all quoted me a very nice price. So if anyone has this unfortunate situation I recommend them.

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