Friday, 15 August 2008

The Dream Holiday

Five days on, (I've spent this one defrosting and scrubbing the fridge and the freezer) our holiday in Minorca seems like a dream that I've woken up from.

The photo is of the beach at Cala 'n Porter, which we left behind on Monday when we returned home after our two weeks. Our hotel was in the centre of the resort on top of the cliffs, and there were steps down, about 190 of them. Coming up by road was nearly as bad as it got quite steep. A third option was one of the those road trains, if you were there at the right time. On the last day we waited half an hour and then decided to take the steps, only to see the train arrive below us as we were about half way up. There were some strategically placed seats on the way so we were able to catch our breath.

It was a pity the rep didn't tell us about the cost of the beach umbrellas and sunbeds costing €17. After paying this once, most people bought some mats and an umbrella to tote down there each time. But the beach was great. The lifeguards had a really easy time as the sea was so safe. We waded out a long way to swim with the fish in the clear water. And we watched other people snorkeling, diving, kayaking, playing with bats or just balls, lounging on rafts, putting their shopping into rubber dinghys to ferry it out to their yachts, swooping down the water slides on top of pedalloes. It was all happening. Looking after the tourists was the life of the locals.

We did see some of the rest of the island of Minorca as well, so I may tell more later.

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