Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Do Writers Ever Switch Off?

I’ve just read an article about freelancers and holidays. It seems that most acknowledge they a) need their breaks and time to switch off, and b) fear the results of taking holidays away from their homes and computers, ie losing out on potential work because they are not there to answer the phone or collect emails.

Many people find ways to do this anyway, even when they are half way across the world. When I was away recently I resolutely walked past the internet café every day, but I admit it was tempting. I did turn on my mobile for a short period each day, to check for messages and texts, but that was really in case family wanted to get in touch.

What I did have with me, and use, was a notebook and some pens. The writer in me simply has to record what we’ve done and where we’ve been. And at some point I have to write out the ideas that I’ve been thinking up during the day.

Another item of writing equipment is my trusty camera. It’s a lightweight digi SLR, and I’m actually thinking I also need a little compact that’s even easier to carry everywhere. But that won’t get further than my wishlist for a while. Anyway I try to have one with me most of the time, and I’ve recently transferred nearly 200 holiday shots onto the computer.

So here’s yet another holiday shot from Minorca – the taula at the Torralba d’en Salord. The human figure shows the scale of the tablet, which we are told was used for worship. There are a number of prehistoric settlements on the island, and it is known as an open-air museum.


Anonymous said...

I guess I am normal..I carry a notebook and a camera every where..friends think I am a little off..:)))..but it's something I have done since childhood

Bill Womack said...

This article came at a good time. I've been growing increasingly morose over the summer, to the point where I don't even feel like writing anymore. I laid off blogging a couple of weeks ago, but I'm still surly and generally hard to live with. A few days ago it hit me -- I badly need a break! Luckily, I've only got three steady clients right now, so notifying them that I'll be out of town for a few days wasn't so tough, and they'll survive. My antidote: I've rented a cabin in a beautiful wild area not far from where I live. For four blessed days next week, I'm going to hole up there and forget that email ever existed. TV, too. But man, was it ever tough to decide that it was okay to do it.

jakill said...

confused - yeah. That sounds normal to a fellow writer.

Bill - good for you to arrange your break. Enjoy.

Thanks for comments.

moserw said...

This is so true. Everybody needs a break even from blogging, but most bloggers do not want to take time off just cause they are worried about losing that one good article and the visitors associated with it.

jakill said...

True indeed moserw. Thank you.

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