Monday, 6 April 2009

From Egypt to Japan

Pic of Dotonbori Street in Osaka is by JM Suarez at Wikimedia Commons

Would you believe that I’m recently back from two weeks in Egypt and I am writing about Japan, where I’ve never been. It’s just because one of my favourite customers at CC wants a travel article about Osaka, and the deadline for his request is on Thursday. So I need to get it submitted tomorrow in the hope that he’ll choose to buy it.

All the public requests at CC are competitive, so you have to do a good job to have a chance of being the chosen one. I have seen part of one other article on the subject by another article, but I suspect it is not well targeted for this customer’s readers, so I feel fairly confident. But we’ll have to wait and see.

I started the research just before lunch today. I always have to stop for that because hubby comes in to eat with me, and we had ham salad sandwiches that didn’t take long to make. Anyway I kept at it all afternoon and have about half the first draft completed.

I was amazed at how much there is to see and do in Osaka. And I’ve already learned quite a bit about Japanese history and culture. I do love doing all the research, possibly even more than writing it up in a new way. But nothing beats the high of getting the piece accepted. I’ll let you know.


Jena Isle said...

You're gifted Jean. I cannot do research well, I mean , I don't have the patience. That's why I could not write for CC, and they're very strict even with the least punctuation. I admire you for being able to write countless of articles for them. Perhaps you can tutor me Keep writing.

jakill said...

Thank you Jena. I'm sure you don't need tutoring, but as I said before, I'll be happy to review anything you want to submit to CC. I'd love to help and it would be in my interests as well since you are my associate there.

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