Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Sponsored Post Rules

Just in case you think I've gone barmy when you read the first sentence of my last post, I'll tell you the story and what I've learnt from it.

I wrote that post in the week before Christmas and  submitted it to Social Spark2.  If you are not familiar with that site, it's one that puts advertisers and bloggers together for sponsored posts.  After a post has been submitted it has to be approved by the advertiser before it is published on the blog directly from Social Spark, provided the blog meets certain requirements.

When I reread the terms of service, I found that they include a rule that the post before the sponsored one has to be made within seven days, and has to be "of a reasonable length, at least one (1) paragraph, three (3) to five (5) sentences". So I guess it was no coincidence that, although I submitted it before Christmas, it didn't appear until after I posted on Monday this week.  The one before that was a Wordless Wednesday, and then I took a blogging break of more than a week.

I guess I'm lucky it appeared at all.  But it is still early January and I hope all of you in the UK will still be able to buy your Cadbury Wishes and help make some terminally ill children's wishes come true.


Josep said...

Rules sometimes don't work at all. It is a nice post, Jean, thanks for sharing it. And I love chocolate!

jakill said...

Thank you Josep. Unfortunately I doubt if you can get them in Spain.

article writing services said...

wow i am with it thanks rules....:)

jakill said...

Glad to be useful, aws. Thanks for the visit and comment.

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