Monday, 24 January 2011

Written and Planning to Write

I've just submitted a story for 100 Stories for Queensland.  It's another of those charity books to raise moneu for disaster areas.  Hope I do get it accepted for this one.  The one I sent for 100 Stories for Haiti didn't get picked, and then I never sent anything for 100 Stories for Pakistan.  So I thought this time I should make the effort again.  It's better than sitting watching the terrible news on the TV and feeling helpless about it all.

So that's a story written.  What I'm planning to write is a review of the film, The King's Speech, which I saw last week.  Better not preempt it here except to say I thought Colin Firth was absolutely marvelous.  He certainly deserved that Golden Globe he won for it.


Ash said...

I really want to see this movie! We picked True Grit and The Way Back on our last theater excursions, but I wish we had picked The King's Speech. Ah, well. :)
I'm enjoying your blog. :)

jakill said...

Hope you will get another chance to see it, Ash. It's well worth it.

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