Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Foodie Interlude

I had another interlude yesterday. After a morning meeting in Bournemouth I joined a friend for lunch. “You must come to Day’s,” she said. “It’s quite an experience”. And it was.

We entered from a shopping mall and went down some stairs, at the bottom of which is a receptionist who required payment for the buffet, so we paid for our meals in advance. I thought the restaurant would be in a dark basement, but it wasn’t. The room was enormous and one end was a wall of windows onto the street on the far side.  A lot of clever lighting and glass effect ornaments meant  it wasn’t dark anywhere.

The centre of the room was filled with tables and two sides of it housed the oriental buffet of 150 dishes.  Most of the fourth side was taken up with a bar where we had to buy our spritzers. After being shown to a table, we were left alone to go to the buffet and choose our food. We could go back and get another plateful as often as we liked until the restaurant closed at 3 pm to get ready for the evening session. We didn’t actually stay that long but we could have carried on eating till then if we wanted to. In fact I just selected one plateful from the starters, another from the main courses an one from the desserts, missing out on the Indian and other special selections because I couldn’t manage to eat any more.

You can see some pictures of typical dishes on their website.  It was all was excellent, and the best thing about it was that you didn’t have to choose just one or two dishes, but could serve yourself small portions of several. The starters seemed to be mainly protein oriented, but there were lots of vegetable dishes in the main course selection to make up for that. After all that I could only manage fruit and profiteroles. It was fantastic value at only £7.99. I didn’t need any more food  all day.

In the evening it costs a few pounds more and they add about a hundred more dishes to select from. I think I’ll be heading that way again.

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