Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Overcoming Writer's Block

When I feel like I have writer’s block, which really means I feel too lazy to get my head around what I’m supposed to be writing about, I sometimes use my blog to get myself going. Like today. I’d much rather draft something I can put in here than think about how to write about mortgage mis-selling, which is my current brief. If I were sticking to my weekly schedule, I would have posted here yesterday, but all I got around top was rewriting 120 words that needed changing in a newsletter written before Christmas. So the lazy trend is continuing, and I need to write myself out of it. Here goes.

Lots of things got in the way yesterday. My son has been unemployed for nearly two months now. I got him out of bed at 10 am to take a call from an agency about yet another temporary job. He got all excited and rushed around getting ready while I sorted out a flask of coffee and a packed lunch. Off he went to the bus stop and was just about to board the bus when the agency called again to cancel the job. (They called again this morning to say it was back on and this time hubby drove him to the work site and he’s still there. Fingers crossed it will last a few weeks.)

This delayed me starting work, which was just as well as when I checked my emails there was one changing my brief on what I was intending to do, and also asking for the changes to the newsletter. But it was close to time to stop for lunch with hubby, after which we always go out with Jade and do all the errands. Yesterday that meant a trip to Asda to stock up for a few days.

Most of the snow is gone today and yesterday what was left in the park at the beach was lying on the grass. It wasn’t really snow any more as it had turned to ice. Visibility wasn’t good; there was a mist over the water. But looking across the harbour to the Purbeck Hills, we could just see that they were all still covered with the white stuff.

We walked the tarmac paths and I went on the beach with Jade and threw stones for her. She hares after them and then digs a hole to bury them in the sand. At least she gets a bit of exercise that way while we stroll around. Other dog owners bring balls, often with long contraptions to pick them up without having to bend down. We’ve tried taking balls out but Jade just runs after them and then leaves them where they stop, so I have to collect them. She hasn’t learnt to fetch so I think I need to learn how to teach her that.

Looking back through this text I see that I have used the word yesterday six times. That puts me in mind of a Beatles song that I love.

Now after that miscellany, I have about 50 minutes before I stop for lunch etc. Watch out, rogue financial advisers who’ve been mis-selling mortgages. I’m on your case.


aw said...

Writing something, even rubbish, seems to work for some people when they are stuck. I got so bogged down recently trying to start a piece that I just went straight to a paragraph I knew I could write quickly as it had been going round and round in my mind for days. In the end I realised this made a great opening and went on from there.

Jean Knill said...

Yes, that's a good idea too, Ann.

Paola said...

Love this sort of post, Jean! It can open the way to so many more!

Linda D said...

Mortgage mis-selling? Yes, I'd be putting off that one too!
Hope your son's job lasts, am I right in thinking the weather is the main problem for him at the moment?

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