Saturday, 5 January 2013

Holidays and Interludes

Christmas came and went in a flash. I was busy entertaining and having a great time. But then it was time to catch up so now I’m even busier, and I don’t feel as though I’ve had a break at all. So far, Saturdays and Sundays have been work days like all the others. Well, not quite all.  I do try and take one day off each week when I get right away from the house and the office for a few hour , when hubby stays behind and has the responsibility of the dog. I call these my interludes.

And every day that I’m in I get the benefit of dog walking after lunch. New Year’s Day was the one bright sunny day, and after a morning at work, we joined the hordes driving to Sandbanks but turned off before the beach to ascend the hill and park on the cliff top, so we could walk along looking down on the crowds exercising their dogs on the sands. It was so lovely to feel the sun and the breeze on my face, and take in the glorious views while Jade ran around and  snuffled around doing all the doggie things. It really recharged my batteries so I could go back into my office and polish off some more writing work, which I usually stop at about 9 pm.

January 2nd was my interlude day. I saw the film, Anna Karenina. Very  impressive. I haven’t read this book by Tolstoy yet. All I knew was how it would end. Now I want to read it to find out how true the film was to his story. I do know the acting was fantastic, the costumes were amazing, and the film making techniques were unusual and worked well for me, although I did hear some people behind me complaining about them.
You’ll get some idea of them from the trailer below.


Linda D said...

We all need more interludes!
Belated Happy New Year to you!

Jean Knill said...

Thank you Linda. And the same to you.

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