Friday, 18 January 2013

My Life by Jade: Snow

When we went out this morning everything was different. There was all this white stuff on the ground and there were big blobs of it coming down from the sky like rain. Mummy said it is called snow. And she said that we don't get it very often so that's why I don't remember seeing it before.

I tried not to step on it when we came out because there was a patch of ground by the front door that it had missed. But I couldn't stay there for ever so I put one foot out onto the snow and it  sank down and left a hole behind when I lifted it again. Mummy was getting impatient so I decided I'd just have to follow her, but I was soon in front because she was walking very slowly and carefully. At the end of the road we had to get across to the other side and we hopped between the car tyre tracks.

Then we were in the park and Mummy let me run free for a while, but as soon as I had pooped and she had dealt with that, she said we had to go home again. I found out that it was fun to gallop around in that snow and I wasn't too happy about that.

But before we left the park we heard children shouting and laughing. They were at the top of the steps that take you up the hill and they crawled under the railings to the hill. I heard a thundering noise and some screaming. Suddenly one came swooping down the hill sitting on a sort of tray thing. When it stopped he was laughing so I guess it was ok. 

But I was glad we had to go home then. I wouldn't want to be in the way when something like that came flying down. And now I'm glad to be able to rest in my cosy bed while Mummy gets on with her work in front of me.


Bob Scotney said...

You have to teach her to play snowballs with you, Jade.

Jean Knill said...

Helo Bob - woof, woof.

John Sealander said...

It's fun watching dogs discover snow for the first time. Glad Jade enjoyed the experience...

Jean Knill said...

Hi John. Thanks for the visit and comment. I always enjoy reading your blog, especially the bits about Dot and Dash.

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