Thursday, 7 February 2013

Happy Pic, Not so Happy Incident

I was trawling Picasa looking for an idea for this blog post and, when I saw this one I thought I’d use it as an example of one of my better action shots from last summer. Have to admit I’m not very good at them.

I also thought it was a nice, happy picture. Then I remembered what happened shortly after. Some boys arrived and tried to claim the slide for themselves. At the top of it, the girls got pushed around and eventually Eryn was hit in the face. She came back down the steps crying with her friend, while the boys laughed and took possession of all four slide lanes. 

My daughter wasn’t having that. She marched the boy concerned off to find his mother and complain. The woman was partly at fault as she was supposed to be supervising her child, but was actually found at the café having a drink. However she did come over and make her boy apologise and then they left the park.

It was a shame as the girls had been so enjoying themselves, and this put a real damper on our afternoon in Exmouth. I think it was good thing we were nearby or something worse could have happened.

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