Monday, 11 February 2013

The Start of a Beautiful Friendship?

I took Jade up to London for the weekend  to see Eryn and her mum and to meet Rafi. It wasn't a resounding success. Jade turns out not to be the mothering type. Inside the house she barely tolerated the little upstart living in her second home, and with whom she had to compete for the affections of the three people she considers hers. We had a few growly and chasing incidents, though noone got hurt. It turned her right off her Science Diet nuts, so probably a good thing we were only there for two days.

When we went for walks though it was different. The dogs had a great time running around after each other, and Jade watched the puppy training with interest but turned up her nose at the puppy treats on offer.

The pictures were taken in Nonsuch Park on Sunday morning when we went for a walk in the rain, both dogs wearing their raincoats - first time for Rafi. Wonder how long before he grows out of it. The boots and the hand belong to Eryn, for whom he was performing a perfect sit.


Linda D said...

So Jade is top dog at the moment. I wonder if it will be the same when Rafi is grown-up? Hopefully they'll be more used to each other by then.

Paola said...

Just love those boots!

Jean Knill said...

Hi Linda. Have to wait and see. Rafi is so tiny now and he annoyed her by wanting to play all the time when she just wanted to snooze. Things could well be different when he's grown.

Jean Knill said...

Paola - yes, as Eryn would say, those boots are cool.

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