Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Art of the Floods

This photo from Wikimedia Commons is by Basher Eyre, and depicts The Ark After the Flood in a stained glass window at the catholic church of St Thomas in Emsworth, Hampshire.

It seems particularly apt at the moment since most people in the UK are surrounded by flood water as I write. I wonder what has been happening to all the animals out there. Some of the waters have receded a bit today. We had a dry morning here, but when it was time to take Jade out after lunch the rain started again and we had a rather wet tramp around Hamworthy Park.

At least the tide and the waves were not too high for us to walk along the promenade in front of the beach huts, as it had been on my last two visits with Jade. Then we would have been soaked with spray if not washed over the sea wall in our normally calm area inside Poole Harbour. Now I can hear rain lashing against my office window once again so those unfortunate enough to be already flooded are going to see the waters rising again.

We've also been hearing about the extreme cold temperatures in parts of the US, so I do hope all my readers and virtual friends are safe.


aw said...

As I look out of my window I can see the fields are flooded all around. Fortunately our village is built on higher ground but some of the surounding roads are getting quite difficult to negotiate. At present the flood plains are doing their job but there will need to be serious conseration given to further development on such sites in future. Many people are not so lucky and have been flooded or evacuated from their homes for safety.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Nice window! I didn't know you were having floods.

Jenny Woolf said...

Nature can be scary. I wonder when the world will stand up to the climate change idiots and governments will start taking real action.

Jean Knill said...

Ann - stay safe and dry. it does look as thought the worst is over.

Jean Knill said...

Joan - yes. I like it and will try to get to see the real thing one day. The floods have been horrendous in many southern areas of the UK. So far eight people have died in flood related incidents. Of course, it's not such cold weather as you've been having. No doubt that cause deaths too.

Jean Knill said...

Jenny - looks like a lot really needs to be done. But they are bound to say, "Where will the money come from."

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