Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sandstorm on the Beach

We didn't get to Old Harry on Saturday which  I reported in another post that I had hoped to do. The weather was dry, but we thought underfoot would be a bit too sticky after all the rain. I didn't fancy having to scrub even more mud than usual off jade on our return. She wouldn't have appreciated it either.

Instead we parked at Sandbanks again and went on the beach. We only walked the beach half way though because the wind was behind us and  the sand was blown into streams ahead of us. It stayed fairly close to the ground, at just about Jades' height actually. She still enjoyed chasing stones and digging them in and out  of the s and on the ground, but we didn't rate the idea of turning to walk back into the wind. Most of those sand streamers would have blown straight into Jade's eyes, and we wouldn't have escaped unscathed either.

So we trudged up to the Sandbanks Hotel and out to the road so we could walk back on the harbourside of the peninsula. Even here the wind nearly took our breath away and my ears started to ache as I hadn't brought a hat and my hood was blown straight back off my head.

The photo was taken on a calmer day from the path alongside the harbour, looking towards Brownsea Island. which sits opposite the entrance to the harbour.


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

walking in a stiff wind can be brutal. At least Jade enjoyed the trip out.

Jean Knill said...

She did, Joan. Today we were at our little local beach and it was wet and windy. But the tide was high and covered the sandy bit so we were walking on pebbles.

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