Monday, 13 January 2014

Weather Again - Good and Bad

The weather outside is so horrible, I decided to remind myself of one of our lovely sunny holidays. This little beach is in Minorca on the side of the sea's inlet to Mahon harbour and across from the town near the huge fortification of La Mola.

We were lucky not to get soaked when we went to our own little beach on our dog walk this afternoon. it wasn't raining but was very windy and cold, so we were well wrapped up. Jade enjoyed herself chasing pebbles I threw for her, then digging them into the sand and out again. As we returned to the car park, the rain started. Bad luck for the next lot of dog walkers just arriving. "We always pick the wrong time to come," one of them said.


Marc Latham said...

Nice post and photo Jean. Spring is in the air, at least in the afternoons getting longer!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Sorry about the crummy weather. We are having snow and ice again. Schools are closed.

Jean Knill said...

Hi Marc. Nice to see you here.

Jean Knill said...

Hi Joan - It must be real bad for schools to be closed. Rained again here today.

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