Monday, 4 January 2016

Getting my Exercise

pic by Rufino Uribe "Competition swimming pool block"
- Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Before we got Jade, I used to swim regularly at the full size pool in town. That activity was replaced by good, long dog walks. The walks have got shorter and slower and I need more exercise, but not anything too strenuous. Swimming at my own pace is the obvious answer. I managed just ten lengths this afternoon, and discovered that there is still free swimming for seniors for an hour each Thursday morning. All being well, I hope to build on my ten lengths in the coming weeks.

Tomorrow I see my oncology consultant to decide on the medication to go forward. At the moment I am on a quarter dose of the drug and not having any ill effects, which has been great for the holidays. But we probably need to bump it up again for it to do its job properly, so fingers will be crossed.


Paola said...

Thinking if you, Jean. That pool looks lovely. Swimming has become my only form of exercise since we moved to Ghana, and I just love it.

Linda D said...

I haven't been swimming for years - I'm not very good at it and certainly couldn't manage 10 lengths! But it is good exercise so perhaps I should follow your example and try it. Belated Good Wishes for 2016!

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