Friday, 22 January 2016

The Missing Spectacles

Big panic today. I couldn't find my spectacles when it was time to take the dogs out to Hamworthy Park, and I have to drive to get there. In the end I went without them - it's ok, I can see well enough to drive. Then I went to the singing group and was unable to read the words of new songs which were displayed on  a screen. I just had to hum. Here's a pic of us all from last week, which includes me plus glasses. We were presenting a cheque to our charity of the year, having collected the grand sum of £400 donated at our sing-outs. I'll tell you more about the charity in another post.

My specs have just turned up. No wonder I couldn't find them. When I made my bed this morning I left them under the duvet. Not sure why I looked there. My subconscious mind must have remembered. Glad I didn't sit on them by accident.


Paola said...

Oh Jean I am always losing my glasses! It's serious as I am quite myopic and can't even think without them on! I have a second pair in a drawer by my bed, whose sole purpose is to help me find the lost ones...I am glad you found yours!

Jean Knill said...

Thanks Paola. It can be a nightmare when you can't find them.

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