Thursday, 28 January 2016

Wild Weather Takes its Toll

Slight setback healthwise this week as I caught the cold that's been going round the house. No surprise there, but as my immune system has been affected by the cancer drugs, it hit me rather harder and I've spent a lot of time sleeping.

I did get out one day though and there was a dramatic change in the sea within the harbour. One day it was like a millpond and the next day it was like this and right over the promenade. The wind was enough to take our breath away at times.


Jenny Woolf said...

Bad luck with catching the cold. There is a particular one going round here which can hang on a lot, or at least that was my experience. When you have the chance, it would be wonderful to wrap up and watch the sea (or perhaps sit in a car with the heater on!) At any rate I do hope you shake it off soon.

Jean Knill said...

Rather belated thanks for your comment, Jenny. I did have two weeks of misery but the cold is almost gone now, thank goodness. Just left with catarrh and the beastly cough. Hope you are well.

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