Friday 18 July 2008

Plans for Mottisfont

I’ve been putting off writing about my visit to Mottisfont this year. The best time to publish something about it in the US would be after Christmas when people are expected to start planning their summer vacations. In UK magazines, it would work well in mid May, when people might be thinking about where to go during the next month. That means sending it out well before the end of this year. So I have a bit of thinking time left, but I must schedule the writing in good time.

Mottisfont Abbey is now a National Trust property. Its walled garden is home to the National Collection of Old English Roses. The season for these is in June. This year I went a couple of days after the season was expected to end and there was still a spectacular display of roses mixed with other summer flowers. I posted what I thought was my best rose photo in a Wordless Wednesday slot.

Mottisfont also has some other charms. A short riverside walk is a pleasant stroll, though you need appropriate footwear if the weather has been wet. A leaflet also gives directions for a longer walk to start and end on the estate. The house is open to the public and is also home to a popular café serving the usual healthy NT meals and scrummy cakes. And it has second hand book shop that raises funds for the trust. You can take along any books you want to pass on and buy more.

Today’s pic shows a rose-clad bridge on the riverside walk, next to a wonderful weeping willow.

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Sheila @ A Postcard a Day said...

I think it must be two or three years since I was last at Mottisfont, a lovely sunny day in mid-June (also my birthday), and the rose garden was superb. The first time we were a little later in the year but, as you say, the grounds and house have plenty to offer. I did find the second-hand bookshop! I can sniff them out from miles away.

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