Monday 8 September 2008

Writing in the Night

On Friday night I went to bed at 11 but I just couldn’t get to sleep. I was thinking about the film I’d seen last Saturday and found myself writing a review in my head. It might have been because I had reviewed a couple of books in the Writelink blog the day before so I was in the mindset. Anyway, at a quarter past midnight I realised I wasn’t going to sleep with all these words going round and round my brain, so I left my bed and booted the computer. And that’s how I got to write a review of Mamma Mia, the mood-lifting musical based on the toe-tapping Abba songs.

The piece is now awaiting acceptance at Constant Content. Hopefully, that will happen soon. Then, if you’re curious, you'll be able to read most of it by clicking the relevant article here.

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