Monday 18 May 2009

The Joy of Jade and the Heights of Humour

(This pic is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons under a GNU Free Documentation License.)

Today I have been writing a factual piece about jade and how it is viewed by the Chinese. I’ve done a lot of work about China in the past year and each time I start some new research I find it utterly fascinating. The picture is of a jade fish from the Shanghai Museum (at least it is if you can see it all. I'm having problems importing pics since I lost my photo editor when I had to have my hard disk cleaned last week. I haven't got around to replacing it yet. On my system it's only showing half of it) My researches tell me that a jade fish is a symbol of affluence.

Sometimes, though, I wish I could get my head around writing humour. It’s not a style I am any good at, apart from some very subtle sub texts in a few of my articles written rather tongue in cheek. While some people might get it, others would be completely unaware.

One of my colleagues over at Writelink has a wicked sense of humour and writes a lot of really funny stuff. If you are looking for something to cheer you up, check out some of the posts on DW’s Showcase. I guarantee it will have you rolling around in stitches.

Another hunour blog I am now trying to follow is Shalampax Speaks. It’s about the goings on in a fictional country and for me its episodes are now unmissable. I only wish I could dream up funny stories like that.


Mike Golch said...

informitive posting

Lucy Lopez said...

Hi Jean, I have recently been lightly pondering (an oxymoron???) why some people seem to have an on-tap sense of humor and others seem not to. Not that the latter are suffering, humorless, depressed bipeds...:-) Just that the former seem to be in a different world...seeing things missed by others, seeing things differently and most importantly, seeing things that so contradict and surprise the wearingly sedate view of the world that the rest of us are wedged into! HMmmm...I'll keep pondering... :-)

Jena Isle said...

Hi Jean,

A light post, good to read. Thanks. Your story is next. I'm touched by this last one. Cheers!

Jena Isle said...


Have you read the other authors? Here's a link.

Unknown said...

Thanks Mike and Jena.

Lucy - yes, I don't think there are any complete answers. And if you can't produce humour, it doesn't mean you haven't a sense of it so you can still recognise and enjoy other people's creativity in the area.

Birdinhand said...

Jean, thanks for the plug. The people of Shalampax and the writers of Shalampax Speaks thank you.

Unknown said...

You're welcome BIH. I've been computerless for a few days and yours is one of the first blogs I'll be catching up with,

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