Monday 22 June 2009

My New Bathrooms

This morning I delivered two signed contracts to my solicitor, one to sell my house and the other to buy one. We are the ones who have been holding things up because when I received the contracts last week was the first time I’d seen the covenants that were set up for the estate when the next house was built. One of those nearly gave me a heart attack when I thought we can’t accept that, and therefore can’t buy this house, and we’ll have to start over and pay for everything again. However, it’s all been sorted out and we hope to get to contract exchange this week.

Now I can start thinking about the new house and how different it is to the current one. One big difference is that it has two bathrooms. Well, there’s a bathroom upstairs, and a shower room downstairs. We never did get to finish off our bathroom properly here. After the double glazing, the new kitchen, the garden landscaping and the central heating, all done over the years, I couldn’t get to a point where I could afford it.

So having two finished bathrooms when we move will be great. Of course I may want to change the bathroom accessories once we get there. And according to the surveyor, we need to do something about ventilation in the shower room.

No doubt there’ll be other stuff I want to do too. I can’t wait to get at it. Shouldn’t be too long now.

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